How I – excuse me, WE – See Things

I originally started AMAV as a music blog. I enjoy writing (though my proficiency is subjective), and I love music, so naturally I wanted to make that a main focus.

However, over the past year and a half or so (it’s currently mid-April in 2017), I have found something else that I am equally passionate about. It isn’t really politics, although politics plays a large part of it. It is sociology. It is our interconnection as a species, how we and the choices we make affect our society as a whole. I found this new passion as a result of the Democratic Primary Election cycle for 2016. I’ve never been much interested in politics for the simple fact that I felt it didn’t really matter who was in office – nothing would change anyway. But it goes beyond the politics. It is about the mindset of society, and how that mindset drives our political choices.

I’m no expert. I’m simply a person who sees things a certain way, and at times has a certain compulsion to put my thoughts on paper (or screen, as it were), or to speak my mind. I have a certain compulsion to share my world view with others, in hopes that discussion of these topics will lead us into a more enlightened and understanding society. Sometimes I find writing it out helps, other times I prefer to rant into a microphone. And sometimes I prefer to lasso another person into joining me behind the microphone.

My world view is dynamic – when presented with information that contradicts my ideas, I try to take it into consideration and adjust my thinking to embrace that new knowledge. I urge others to do the same. Only through sharing ideas and talking about them can we hope to find a way out of these ever-darkening times and into a brighter future – an egalitarian society where every man, woman, and child has the same rights and opportunities.

My passion for music has not lessened, and it hasn’t been overshadowed by my newfound desire to work towards progressive social change. The mix of topics on this blog may be confusing to some readers. But, as my chosen outlet for thoughts, ideas, and opinions, I write here as an outward expression of the inner workings of my brain. It is more for my own benefit than for others. Sometimes the words fill my head to the point of bursting, and if I don’t get them out, my head may just explode. If the articles that I write and the topics that I cover on the AMAV Podcast can help to further discussion about the issues that face our global community, all the better.