On Being Bernie

Bernie Sanders is us, and we are Bernie Sanders – and that is why we have to be #BernieOrBust

I had a long conversation with a new friend on Facebook just a little while ago. Well, by conversation, I mean that he asked a couple of questions, and then allowed me to go on a long winded rant explaining the current state of American politics as I see it, and the quagmire that we find ourselves in today. And it basically turned into an explanation of why I am #BernieOrBust.

Before I go too far, I want to be clear – very few of the ideas in this are actually originally mine. I have come to this point in my thinking by listening to and reading a great many sources, which include those that I agree with and those that I don’t. My initial ability to actually express why I have been feeling #BernieOrBust since shortly after the Arizona primary was a result of some of the sentiments that I heard from Jimmy Dore on The Young Turks Election Night coverage of the NY Primary, but I can’t even give all of the credit to him. Lots of people come to mind, including Tim Black, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uyger, and, yes, even Bernie himself. I can’t claim original credit for these ideas, but this train of thought is completely my own.

What follows is (for the most part) a copy-paste of that conversation with my new Facebook friend, with some slight editing for continuity and clarity. Without any additional fanfare, here is why I am, and feel we all should be, #BernieOrBust:

(My initial response was to a statement that the FBI needs to hurry up and indict Hillary Clinton in her email situation – I am only including this so that readers can see why the conversation took the direction that it did)

Hillary Clinton Attends Georgetown Institute For Women, Peace And Security Award Ceremony
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“Won’t happen. First, the FBI doesn’t indict, only recommends. Second, FBI Director James Comey is a registered republican, and he has said that he is very much personally involved with this investigation. He is banking on Hillary winning the nomination, and THEN recommending indictment so that he can virtually hand the general election to the republican candidate. Bernie winning the nomination is our only hope of this not happening. And, contrary to what many are saying, he most certainly does STILL have a chance, and a good one at that.”

(Here is where my new friend chimes in and asks about the viability of a strong third party candidate to battle the Republican candidate. What follows is the meat of this post.)

“Well, this is pure speculation on my part, but current trends sure seem to be pointing in this direction – First of all, the Republicans are NOT giving the nomination to Trump, no matter what his final delegate count is. He’s going to be given the finger, and the ridiculous amount of support he has (which is mind-boggling to me, to say the least) will probably riot for a little while, and then the RNC will either concede and give it to him, or he will run as an Independent.

Trump 1
Trump – image source unknown

It is my firm belief that he never intended to make it this far, but now his ego has been inflated even more and he’s not going to back down. Hell, he even hired real handlers to help with the PR nightmare that is himself. So, in that case we already have a third party running.

Now, for the DNC – if Hillary wins the nom and then gets indicted, there is a chance that the DNC will backpedal and decide that they can’t run her after all. But I find that chance to be slim to none, and here’s why – she has a VERY strong case already being built against her that will almost certainly end with an indictment, yet THEY ARE STILL RUNNING HER! Why is this? Well, nobody can know for sure except the people involved in the nefarious backroom deals that have been going on so far, but I have a strong suspicion that they simply don’t care.

Bill Clinton – Image source unknown

They think she is invincible. Remember when her hubby Bill was impeached? Didn’t matter (of course, his impeachment was for ridiculous reasons, but the fact is that he DID lie under oath as a sitting president). And, honestly, while an indictment now would ruin her, if it happens in August, it probably won’t affect her that much. She already has the support of almost the ENTIRE DNC Establishment. They see her as a victim, and always have, which plays very well into their ‘sexism’ narrative. She has been attacked from the start (and NOT always for good reason).

They will see her through it. They will not give up on their queen. They are more interested with giving themselves a pat on the back for putting the first woman in the Whitehouse and keeping things in the government ‘business as usual’ at the same time.

So, now we have come to two possibilities if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination (and I hope to god he does win so that we can avoid all of these possibilities). A Trump v Clinton race, or a Trump v Clinton v Whoever the RNC gives their support to (Cruz, Ryan, Kasich, whoever). The results of either of those will be a Trump victory. His numbers are not going down, they are going up. Clinton is already proven to be disliked by the majority of Americans, thought to be untrustworthy by most Americans, and has lost virtually the entire Independent Vote and half of Registered Democrats votes because of her primary election shenanigans. She is expecting most of us to vote for her simply out of fear of Trump. And some will. But she is wrong about many of us, maybe most.

I, and many that I have spoken to, are not afraid of a Trump or Cruz presidency. We all have our different reasons, but they boil down to the same thing – they will be nominally effective at doing any real damage.

Obama looking unhappy – Image source unknown

Here’s why – look at what happened to Obama. He ran on a platform of “Hope and Change”. And for his first two years, things were going…okay. But the midterm elections changed everything. Dem voters sat on their laurels, saying “We got an African American in the Whitehouse, we’re all good!” But they got a rude awakening when the republicans took the House and the Senate, and then for the next SIX years, they blocked and obstructed Obama from doing ANYTHING.

Now flip that to Trump (or Cruz, or whoever). When they get to their seat in the oval office, which they will if they are running against Hillary, they are going to talk a big game. Their problem is that NOBODY in the current sitting government likes either of them. Not even the Republicans. So, the same thing will happen to Trump/Cruz/Whoever that happened to Obama. Two years in, the midterms hit and hopefully the democratic voters have learned their lesson and vote accordingly.

Now the Dems and Independents will have control of the House and the Senate, and Trump/Cruz/Whoever REALLY can’t get anything done. And then the 2020 election hits, we have another chance to put a REAL leader in the big chair (Hillary won’t run again if she loses again, and I don’t think Bernie will either, so probably Jill Stein). BOOM. All of a sudden we have a progressive House, Senate, Whitehouse, and possibly Supreme Court, because those guys are old and they literally could die at any time. NOW we really have some power.

Census years change things

And, as important as this election is, the 2020 election is even more important, because it is a Census year, and in Census years (actually, the year after when all of the data has been compiled) redistricting happens. If Hillary wins the Presidency (doubt it, but let’s just say “if”) the exact opposite happens and in 2020,the Republicans control everything. We can NOT let that happen in a Census year, because they will redistrict and gerrymander everything so hard, and then they will maintain a stranglehold on our country for AT LEAST 10 years. So, a Hillary presidency is MUCH more dangerous than a Trump/Cruz/Whoever presidency.

Of course, we can avoid ALL of this by electing Bernie Sanders, whose numbers already show that he would be the most popular president BY FAR that this country has seen in over 50 years. It is in our country’s best interest to get Bernie onto a national stage v Trump in a debate, so that Trump supporters can hear his message.

See, many of Trump supporters are supporting him for the same reasons that we support Sanders – he is not establishment politics. But they are underinformed. Once they hear Bernie’s actual message and not what they are being told by FoxNews and Hannity and O’Reilly, MANY of them are going to flip and support Bernie.

If Bernie does not win the DNC nomination, WE HAVE TO CONVINCE HIM that he HAS to run as an Independent. He has the support (a recent poll showed that 100% of Sanders supporters would back him in an Independent run for the Whitehouse – 100% – that’s a real statistic, and unheard of). He has the funding, as he has out-raised Hillary for three months straight. But, if he doesn’t, Trump/Cruz/Whoever will crush her anyway, and over the next eight years, we will chip away at the establishment’s hold over our country and elect the people who are really going to work for OUR best interests and not their own. And THAT is why I am #BernieOrBustbernie end

An avid Bernie Sanders supporter,

Richard Waite, Michigan, USA


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