Dear President Sanders…

Please Let Us Vote For You.

I could spend literally hours discussing all the reasons you are the best candidate for president (and often do – just ask my significant other). In short, you speak about the issues that affect me and those around me; you are pushing for real change that will benefit millions of Americans, and very literally our entire planet and it’s inhabitants; you are honest about the things that you talk about, and you mean what you say; your record stands for itself; and, most of all, you are caring and compassionate towards people, and truly want the world to be a more peaceful and tolerant place.

Please let us vote for you.

Bernie Sanders rally – Sacramento, CA on May 9, 2016

Tens of thousands of people flock to hear you speak. The level of excitement and passion that your supporters have is fervent to put it mildly, and you are the first political candidate for ANY office to generate this kind of energy in several decades. You can see it in the millions of votes that have been cast for you in record-breaking voter turnouts across the country. Add to that the millions more votes that could not be cast for you, thanks to the DNC, in particular Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Clinton Political Machine, and the scope of just how much support you have and the way your ideas have resonated with Americans becomes undeniable. So…

Please let us vote for you.

You said before that you would not run Independent if you did not win the nomination. I urge you to recunnamed.pngonsider. You made that declaration before you got cheated and swindled in almost every primary that has passed so far – the simple fact that the results of exit polling have been so far off from “actual” results proves this without a doubt. I, and many like me, believe that this alone relieves you of the obligation of that statement. You are known for not turning your back on your word, but we would forgive you this time.

Please let us vote for you.

If the DNC and the Clinton Political Machine have their way, you will not be the Democratic Nominee for President. We are working hard, as hard as we can, to change that. We are sharing information as fast as it comes across our field of view, we are supporting the other progressive candidates that have thrown their weight behind you, we are talking with as many people as we can about your candidacy, the movement it has created, and the platform it represents.

We want to vote for you.27000-bernie-sanders-rally.jpg

Please let us vote for you.

We have struggled right along with you through the mainstream media blackout of you and your campaign that has been occurring . We have broken down so many barriers in helping inform people who otherwise would have no idea why you are truly the best candidate for President. And, because of that, you are higher in the polls than you were a year ago. You erased a 60-point deficit to the Clinton Political Machine in a year’s time.

Millions of us want to vote for you.

Please let us.

Your favorability ratings beat Clinton’s by 24 points, Trump’s by 25. Head-to-head polls show repeatedly that Clinton cannot defeat Trump in a General Election, while you can, and by double digits. You are clearly the most electable candidate. That is a great case to make at the Convention in Philadelphia in July, and we expect you to make that very case. And we will be there, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not more, to show our support for that case, and to demand that our voice be heard.

But we want to vote for you.

yuge crowd memeYou once said that if you do not win the Democratic Nomination for President, that you would support the candidate who is. You said that your main concern was preventing a disastrous Trump presidency. We don’t want Trump as our President either, but you can’t ask us to vote for Clinton. Please don’t ask us to do that. We simply can’t in good conscious vote for her.

We want to vote for you.

Please let us vote for you.

Millions of people are asking to be able to vote for you in November. Every single one of us, including you, are fighting back against the established political system. A rigged system. A system built to work for the elite, and against the rest of us. And we have made YUUGE strides against that system. Please don’t make that all be for nothing.

Please let us vote for you.

Millions of us are urging you to make the pledge to run as a Third Party Candidate. Every election you have won has been as an Independent candidate, proof thathird-partyt it is possible. The polls show that it is possible. The people that show up to your rallies show that it is possible. But you must make that decision now if it is going to be possible. We will still push for every vote, all the way through to the Convention, and hope that the Superdelegates can see the facts in front of their faces and realize that you are the most electable candidate in November. But we need to know that, if they refuse and coronate Clinton as their cherry-picked candidate, we can still vote for you as a Third Party Candidate. We will form the Party around you. We can even make it campy and ironic – call it the True Progressive Party, or the TPP.

We promise we will vote for you.

Please let us.

We have been looking for someone like you in our government, someone who will truly reflect our needs and work for our benefit, for many, many years. So many years, in fact, that we forgot what we were looking for. Many of us forgot that we were even supposed to be looking. You reminded us. You made us care about the political process again. You made us believe that if we are willing to work for it, we could really make the world a better place.

We still believe that.

Please let us vote for you.

You have demolished fundraising records, and all with small donations from individual donors and the people’s labor unions, against the millions of dollars raised from Super-donorsPACS and wealthy corporate campaign contributors. That alone shows the amount of support that you have with the American people. Those people didn’t tighten down and give every penny they could to not be able to vote for you. Furthermore, we would still be willing to fund your campaign if you ran Third Party, and the numbers show it. Though contributions have slowed, you still consistently outraise the Clinton Political Machine every month, regardless of the Super-PACS and Wall Street donors. We will continue to help you do that, if you will let us.

Please let us.

We want to vote for you.

President Sanders, you are truly the People’s Choice. You are clearly the People’s Choice. You will still be the People’s Choice. Please, let the People have that Choice.sandersb.jpg

President Sanders, please.

Let us vote for you.


Richard Waite

25 May 2016


5 Replies to “Dear President Sanders…”

  1. That was simply beautiful…

    My letter to him would have been this…

    Hello Senator Bernie Sanders,

    I’m not sure if this will get to you, but if it does, I would be very grateful if you could read all of this for me 🙂

    I know you said you would not run as an Independent because you believed you would essentially take votes away from Hillary Clinton and insure a Republican Presidency – and since that Republican is very likely to be Donald Trump I can only assume your resolve has strengthened. It is a very noble viewpoint to have, something which I think speaks volumes of whom you are, however, in such a context, the downside (but it’s really an upside) of rallying a Movement is that you awaken free-spirit and free-thinking and many, many Democrats, Reasonable Republicans and Independents alike are calling for you and ONLY you.

    Many in the MSM is likening your Campaign to Ralph Nader’s but in my opinion, I think the two are completely different. One vital thing that has been missing from other Independent runs is a clear commentary of what it means to accept money from Big Money Interests and the Banks. With your rhetoric concerning speeches and Superpacs, you now have the Voter looking at BOTH Mainstream Parties and how, with Hillary Clinton grossly accepting contribution after hefty contribution, including those from Republican Donors, how the Corruption is deeply entrenched within BOTH parties and they are now understanding that “Money out of Politics” is the priority because without that nothing else will get done, unless a compromise is made that favours the elite. I know, I know, preaching to the choir, but they get it now, Bernie. They get it which is why they are flocking to you – it is also why there is such a #BernieOrBust Movement going on.

    Democrats, Reasonable Republicans and Independents (and crucially the World Populace watching these Elections) have seen what should have been a “Democratic” Election Process descend horribly into a fiasco of blatant voting fraud and voter suppression; have watched it descend into a disgusting, blatant rigging of the Democratic Process designed to force their CHOSEN one onto the People, rather than allow the People to make their own choice – The world Populace outside the United States of America call that a Dictatorship. I think you know as well I that in any other given situation you would be rallying hard against such an undemocratic process and you would be as outspoken as you have been on the many issues that have begun to destroy America and this planet

    To be brutally honest though, I think what you might not understand is that #BernieOrBust is very real and the majority will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. The inexplicably Purged Voters and the suddenly Unaffiliated and the Independents, a good majority of them will not be voting for Hillary Clinton, some have even said they will hold their noses and vote for Trump (some out of vengeance to teach Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton a lesson – I don’t subscribe that way of thinking btw)

    Another bi-product of rallying a Movement is that it separates voting for a Party from voting for “Someone and their Policies”, which is what has happened with this Movement. People are not voting for a Party they are voting for YOU. They have only affiliated themselves with the Democratic Party in Closed Primaries because that was the only way they could vote for you, but most, if not all whom have voted, have already left the Party and resumed whatever affiliation they were before, because in most cases they don’t need to be a part of the Democratic Party to vote for you in the General Election, should you gain the Nomination.

    It is also my belief that the Third Party option that many, many have cried out for is actually happening in this election process, because, like many who’ve voted for you, you only affiliated yourself with the Democratic Party because it was the only way to enter the Election Process and be able to participate in all of the States, but the policies you bring to the process are very much Progressive and completely Independent of both the Democratic Party and The Republican Party.

    All told, should you not gain the Nomination, I would have concurred that to run as an Independent would have split the vote and insured a Republican Presidency, however, I now think that such has been the level of blatant fraudulent and illegal behaviour during the election process; most recently at the Nevada Democratic Convention; a behaviour designed to cripple your chances of gaining the Nomination; such is the fact that you’re basically running as an Independent anyway; such is the fact that this wonderful beast called a Movement that you’ve initiated is not only growing stronger but also growing exponentially and finally also because of the man that you are, a man of integrity, compassion, passion, empathy, conviction, of a caring loving all encompassing nature, I think for you NOT to run as an Independent will also most certainly insure a Republican Presidency.

    Here’s why…

    … I Hope you’re still with me 🙂

    Hillary Clinton will not be getting any more votes than she has already gained. If you were not to run as an Independent she might be able to pick off those whom would vote for the “lesser of two evils” (though I’m having a hard time seeing just whom is the lesser of the two) but that would ONLY be because you would not be running as an Independent – they have said that.

    If you were to run as an Independent, you would be gaining all the votes you’ve already accumulated, and let’s not kid ourselves, you will also pick up the majority of the Independent votes, the suddenly unaffiliated vote and also the inexplicably Purged Voters votes a well. There has also been a call for all Reasonable Republicans to vote for you too, for much the same reason that the Democratic vengeance voters will vote for Trump if you are not running as an Independent.

    All of this is not taking the vote away from Hillary Clinton, all of this will be enabling all the voters that had been blatantly cheated out of voting for you the first time around, a chance to vote for you during the General Election. You yourself have said that you will not yield until the last vote has been cast, well, to turn that on yourself, if you do not gain the Nomination, and do not run as an Independent then the last vote will never be cast because the blatantly fraudulent and illegal behaviour that occurred during the Election Process will have insured that.

    I’m just an every day joe and perhaps I’m viewing things in Laymen terms, but since the Democratic Party has shown no allegiance towards you, and in fact has actively attempted to cripple your chances of gaining the Nomination, I don’t understand why even just considering to run as Independent in the General Election would be such a bad move for you

    You yourself have said that you will do whatever is possible to insure that Donald Trump does not get the Presidency. Well, Bernie, I think that if you are not nominated as the Democratic Nominee, then the PEOPLE will be saying they do not want concessions made on their behalf, they do not want compromise. They will be saying they want the NEW DEAL, the whole kit and caboodle, and they want YOU as their leader.

    I can only imagine the weight of it all, what is at stake and the fear you might fail and Trump gets the Presidency anyway, but in your heart of hearts, don’t you think that even with Hillary as the Nominee, with or without your backing, that Trump will still gain the Presidency anyway? I know I feel that way. So when it all comes down to it, what have you really got to lose? Your Supporters will know the truth, the People whom have all their faith in you, they will know the truth – that you gave us everything and more for the last Forty Years of your life unconditionally – and yet as selfish as this is, if you do not gain the Nomination, they will be asking you to give just a little bit more, to run as an Independent so they can again show their faith in you and what you propose to do WHEN you are POTUS, because you will be.

    Take care, Bernie, such a wonderful example of a Human Being


  2. I have worked tirelessly to spread your message and donated to your campaign more than a dozen times since February. I will NOT vote for Hillary. Please let me vote for you!

  3. I agree completely with the content and character of this letter. I will not vote for HRC. #BernieOrBust because Bernie is the honest and ethical candidate who cares for all citizens,

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