How I Learned To Love Trump – Part II

Or, A Bernie-Or-Buster’s “Ridiculous” Stance

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and the Hillbots

(Read Part I – An Open Letter to the DNC here)

hillary-clinton-backs-plan-for-free-college-tuitionOh, Hillary (and, by proxy, all you happy little Hillbots). You have had such a sterling career. Of course you would want to end it with a position of such power and prestige. And there is certainly no possible way that we could think it was a simple hunger for wealth and power that drives you. Right? No, of course not. You want to make the world a better place for everybody. A safer, healthier, and more equal place for everyone in it. You want to fight for us, the little people. You’re with us, right?

Oh, wait, I got that backwards. You want Us with You. But, if you were really fighting for the people, for the poor and middle class, wouldn’t you want to say something like “I’m I'm_With_Her_(blue).pngWith You”? Or, perhaps, I don’t know, “Not Me, Us”? Why on earth would you say you fight for me, but want me to say “I’m With Her”? Do you demand fealty from those you “fight so hard” for? Do you demand allegiance from us? That is just a few steps from “If you’re not with me, you’re against me”. Sounds kind of egotistical to me, but I digress.

So, Hillary and the Hillbots, give me reasons why I should give up my Independent status and say “I’m With Her”. In fact, I don’t need multiple. If you have one, I’m all ears. I’ve heard a few already, but, as I said previously, I don’t buy Corporathillary-shruge Media narratives. Remember when you told me to do my own research? Well, I did. Allow me to address some of those reasons that I have already heard ad nauseam.

“Hillary is a champion for women’s rights! Trump is sexist! Don’t be sexist!” Ah, yes, the old “she has lady parts and therefore must be the champion of women everywhere” switcheroo. You know, as an old friend said recently “Hillary Clinton just set women back 30 years by relying on her having ‘lady parts’ to set us forward. Last time I checked, using your feminine bodily qualities to get ahead made you a poor-ass excuse for a woman.” That was a Facebook post from a woman, by the way. But, let’s look at the whole women’s rights champion claim.

10.7.15-Hillary-Clinton-Shrug-Close-upLet’s see… There was the time that, as Secretary of State, she helped women in Haiti by getting their wages raised to 31 cents an hour. Oh, shit, wait a second – they were pushing for 61 cents an hour, until American corporations like Hanes and Levi raised hell, and Hillary’s State Department got involved.

Ummmm, well…. OH! She employs an awful lot of women in her campaigns and offices, giving them a foot in the door to promising political careers, and she also says she will fight for equal pay for women! Oh… Oh, boy… Well, apparently her female Senate office staff got paid around 72% of what her male staff did.

tumblr_nts2cm5FJK1qaqpodo3_500Well… She at least fights for women’s freedom from oppression and violence. Right? Of course she does, especially while taking millions of dollars from countries that stone women to death for adultery, which, in their eyes, includes being raped. But, there’s no way she can condone violence like that. At least, not since that time she got a child rapist set free by stating the victim was promiscuous and lusted after older men, and then laughed about it because she knew her client was guilty as hell.

Women’s Champion, huh? What else ya got?

“Hillary fights for equal rights for all people of any race! Trump’s a racist! Don’t be a racist!” Say, that’s a pretty good one. That’s something we can all get behind, right? As long as we aren’t racist, we ought to support that, no?

hillaryshrugs_0Weeeeellllllll…. In 1974 when hubby Slick Willy lost his run for Senate, she lashed out at Willy’s campaign manager and called him a “fucking Jew bastard”. She denies this, of course, who wouldn’t? However, the event was witnessed and corroborated by three people. But, hey different times, right?

And then there was the famous speech as First Lady where she called African American youth “Super-Predators” in support of the 1994 Crime Bill that decimated poor black communities.

Hillary-shrugsShe also suggested that Mahatma Gandhi worked at a gas station in St. Louis.

She has said that she is adamantly against illegal immigrants. Somehow when Trump says it, it’s racist, but not when she says it. Now, it’s true that she never said anything about building anything like a wall along the border… Ah, fuck.

And, of course, there was the poorly judged “joke” that she made with New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio about “CP Time”, which obviously meant “Concerned Politician Time” and had nothing to do with actual meaning of “Colored People Time”. Look, when do we hillary-shrug (1)stop calling this shit “lame attempts at humor” and start calling it what it is – racism?

So, Hillary is actually a racist in pantsuits. What’s next?

“Hillary is an LGBTQ+ Ally! Trump is a homophobe! Don’t be a homophobe!” I’ll give credit where it is due, in that she has consistently supported equal rHillaryShrugsights for the LGBTQ+ community for over 3 years now. And, as is obvious by many political careers, this is a fairly new stance to take, and one often taken as a matter of reluctant political necessity. However, I can think of one political career in particular that has reflected support for the LGBTQ+ community from the very beginning.

A fair-weather political ally at best. Next?

“Two words: Supreme Court.” Dude, you misspelled Merrick Garland. More on that later (see Part V).

So, I got a question for you, dear Hillary and the Hillbots: Cantumblr_nts2cm5FJK1qaqpodo2_500 you give me one – just one – reason that I should vote for Hillary Clinton for President that doesn’t involve Donald Trump, Female President, Gender/Sexual Equality, or the Supreme Court Appointment?

I’ll wait.

Richard Waite

July 26, 2016



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