How I Learned To Love Trump – Part III

Or, A Bernie-Or-Buster’s “Ridiculous” Stance

An Open Letter to Sarah Silverman

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My dear Sarah Silverman.

Well, actually, this is for every celebrity entertainer who is voicing their opinion over Bernie Or Busters, including but not limited to Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, George Takei, and every other public figure who has turned away from the progressive movement to support the corporatist, elitist, neocon warhawk Hillary Clinton because they are afraid of Big, Bad Trump. But, since YOU decided to alienate many who held you in fairly high esteem with your condescending speech at the Democratic Convention, I will address you directly, Ms. Silverman.

CMIvo15WsAAtgTYYou don’t get it, do you? It’s not that we see you supporting Hillary Clinton, it’s that we see you turning your back on what you told us that you stood for and supported. It’s that we now see that you weren’t “Feeling The Bern” out of principles and integrity, or you wouldn’t so easily jump in line to support a person who stands for the complete opposite of what Bernie and his supporters are pushing for. It’s that we now see that you were using your “support” for Bernie as a way to reach out to a younger generation, perhaps to boost your career, but jumped ship as soon as it wasn’t convenient anymore. Because you’re scared.

Well, revolution isn’t convenient. It isn’t easy. And it’s scary for a lot of people. That’s not when you jump ship. That’s when you dig in and brace yourself, because it hasn’t even begun to get hard yet. Maybe you should take a couple of lessons from Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, Danny Glover, Kendrick Sampson, and Susan Sarandon. Tshailene-woodley-rosario-dawson-are-skeptical-about-hillary-clintonHEY understand what principle and integrity mean. THEY know what commitment is. I get it. Hillary flip flops on every single god damn issue ever, so it makes sense that you should as well – that’s obviously the way the game works, right? The problem that we have, though, is that only you rich fucks are playing a game. For the rest of us, this isn’t a fucking game, this is real life. And it was nice to see some of the higher echelon people supporting us. Supporting our movement.

Speaking of that, I have to address something you said in your cute little speech. You said “I happen to believe the crazy notion that people who maybe weren’t born with the same opportunities as you and me should be given the same opportunities as you and me.” That is so noble, especially coming from the rich white woman who was born into a rich white family in a rich white neighborhood in a rich white town in one of the three whitest states in America. Where that nobility ends, however, is when you turn your back on the very movement that is trying to make that happen and start to cape for the epitome of rich white elite. All out of fear of, dare I say it?, another rich white elite.

Voting out of fear is not democracy, especially when the candidate you are telling me I am ridiculous for not supporting was forced on me. Honestly, Sarah, did you think that calling us ridiculous for sti13754482_10153913392423195_1135052823727011908_ncking with our principles and having integrity was going to unify the party? I mean, you said that RIGHT while Al Franken was saying “Unity! Unity!” to drown out the “Bernie” chants. Is condescension and insulting us your idea of trying to unify? Shaming us? Does slut-shaming work? How about fat-shaming?

No, what you did, and what ALL of you are trying to do, is gaslight us. You want us to just accept that the corruption in our political system is going to carry on no matter what we do, so “just shut the fuck up and get in line, because even though we wouldn’t help you out in the primary, we need you to help us out in November”. And if Hillary loses and Trump wins, it’ll be Bernie Or Busters’ fault. Not the fault of the DNC for forcing a flawed, weak, dishonest, and scandalous candidate on us, all for the ultimate goal of patting themselves on the back for electing the first Woman President.

No, you’ll blame us. So, since I’m going to take the blame anyway, fuck it. I’m now voting for Trump. And, honestly Sarah, it wasn’t until you called me “ridiculous” for having 1061principles, and Seth Meyers called me a “child” for being angry at the state of our government and the depths of its corruption, that I made that decision. I was going to vote Stein, maybe, or write Bernie in. Sure, those might have been wasted votes, but I would have had a clear conscience. Now, though, I might as well just go ahead and do it, go ahead and vote for Trump, since I will be blamed for it anyway. Right? Thanks for helping me make my mind up, Sarah. Way to go.

It’s not that we see you as betraying Bernie, because he (and we) have been saying it all along – this isn’t about him, it’s about us. It’s about a political revolution. It’s about changing the face of American politics and policy forever. You didn’t turn your back on him, you turned your back on us. You turned your back on all of our hard work, our commitment, our hopes for the present, our dreams for the future, and all of the blood, sweat, and tears we have poured into this. You turned your back on principles, and you did it out of fear.

And then you tried to bully us into following your lead. All because of YOUR fear of the Big, Bad Trump.

My absolute favorite part was right after you told us we were being ridiculous for having principles and integrity, you stood there trying to look stern, like the substitute teacher who has just told thCoZFh4AWYAA9ev9e remedial Math class to “calm down or else”. Instead of looking stern and authoritative, you just looked awkward, almost fearful, as you got booed to no end. Poor you. They asked you and Franken to “stretch” and you had to stand there feeling the disdain of everyone you had just insulted. That was the funniest part of your whole comedy routine that night.

How condescending. “Bernie and you have done so much, and you should be proud of that.” Shit like that is the reason that the worst soccer team in the league still gets trophies. You basically said to us, “Oh, sweeties, you tried your best. Here’s a juice box, now go get in line.”

“This has been an exemplary Democratic Primary.” Are you fucking serious? I know you are a comedian, and I was waiting for a punch line, but you let me down, Sarah. Unless your use of “exemplary” was sarcastic. The only way this primary was exemplary was in the levels of blatant fraud and corruption. The lengths that the DNC and the HRC Campaign went to, all to ensure that their cherry-picked candid12733483_1573149053006389_6531699068957367613_nate was nominated, is beyond belief. Bernie’s campaign was exemplary, in that he rose from a virtually unknown fringe candidate to overcome EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE in poll numbers. Everything else was a farce, a giant shit sandwich that the DNC made, but that we are all expected to take a bite of. Well, my dear Sarah, I am not eating shit for you, Hillary, Obama, not even for Bernie. If I’m gonna suck on a turd, it’ll be when I cast my ballot for Trump.

“Hillary vowed to overturn Citizen’s United, provide healthcare, provide college education, and brought Bernie supporters’ concerns to the Democratic platform.” Again, you forgot to write a punch line, because that was the biggest joke of your speech. First, even if she did vow to fight for those things, any person with a brain knows that she is going to turn her back on her word the second she gets into office.

Overturn Citizen’s United? Her entire campaign was funded by corporations through that ruling. She can’t turn her back on her donors. So, that’ll never happen.

Provide healthcare? She said universal healthcare was impossible, and she wants to expand Obamacare. I know it’s not a concern for you, but Obamacare has been a failure. 66154216Sure, lots more people have “insurance”, but mostly they pay for it so they don’t get penalized on their taxes. And the “insurance” that they have is minimal coverage with high deductibles that they can’t afford, so they STILL aren’t getting healthcare. No, Obamacare provided money to insurance companies. It didn’t provide healthcare at all. Bernie would have provided actual healthcare, not expand an already corrupted system that strips even more money from those who can barely afford it. But we are supposed to support this policy? Fuck that.

College education? For a certain group of people, it will be more accessible with her plan, I will give you that. However, the devil is in the details. There is a lot more to it, and you can read up on it if you can find time between your busy acting career, but basically, it makes students pay back loans that are based on their families income (the same thing we have now), and if they can’t by the end of a certain time period, it is tax-deferred – the debt might be forgiven, but it will be considered taxable income, so the student is still in debt tens of thousands of dollars. Good thing you had rich white parents in your lily white home town, huh? Didn’t have to worry about that. Dodged a bullet there. But, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the same opportunity to dodge that bullet?

Brought Bernie’s platform into the DNC platform, did she? Well, no, actually she didn’t. Her committee appointees fought EVERY SINGLE THING that Bernie’s committee No we can'tappointees proposed. Much of what actually ended up being included was done so simply to try and sway Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary. But, the thing is, Sarah, the platform is not binding. She doesn’t actually HAVE to do any of that. It is simply the platform on which she will stand to try and rise above Trump. Will she actually follow through with it? Well, looking at her record of flip flopping on every single damn thing ever, I have serious doubts. And, despite all of it, the Democratic Party still supports the TPP. No, she didn’t bring anything to the platform – she is running on Bernie’s ideas and Obama’s coattails.

I’m pretty sure Obama ran on a “single-payer healthcare” platform, didn’t he?

One last thing, Sarah, and I want you to think about this real hard – Bernie is the most honest politician any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. He could have stomped Trump into the ground. Hillary had to cheat Bernie to “win” the nomination. Trump, though… Trump actually won his nomination, fair and square. I know, it’s cray cray. Trump is actually the “honest” candidate. And you think I’m ridiculous for not falling in line behind a liar, a warhawk, a corrupt money and power hungry corporatist that will literally steal an election and then tell people to shut up and get in line. Who’s ridiculous now?

Sarah, you hurt us. You said you supported Bernie, and we thought that meant you also

Thank You.

supported us. We thought that meant you also supported our revolution. We thought we could depend on you. We were wrong.

But we still have Rosario, Shailene, Danny, Kendrick and Susan.


(Anybody know where Seth MacFarlane is right now?)


Richard Waite

July 27, 2016



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