How I Learned To Love Trump – Part IV

Or, A Bernie-Or-Buster’s “Ridiculous” Stance

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

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My Dear Friend Bernie Sanders,

We have never met face to face. I have never had the honor of shaking your hand and thanking you for everything you have done in the past year and a half and, moreover, for your entire life. Yet, you are still my dear friend, and I thank you now.hqdefault

You are a friend of all people. Virtually any citizen of the United States, regardless of demographic, can look at themselves in the mirror and say “Bernie Sanders fought for me.” I don’t need to go into details, you know how hard you have worked, how hard you have FOUGHT, as a public servant over the past 45 years. And you have done a hell of a job.

More than that, though, you are a friend of people THE WORLD OVER. You understand the responsibility that we, as the greatest nation on earth, have in leading the rest of the world in acts of peace rather than acts of war. You understand that war is not a political maneuver for business opportunities, but a tragedy that results in needless deaths. You understand that the “War Against Terrorism” is the cause of much of the world’s terrorism.

You are a friend of the planet, which makes you a friend of all life on earth. You understand that we are a result of our environment, alive on our planet strictly by the grace of the conditions of that planet. You know that if those conditions get any worse than they are now, we aren’t long for this planet. And you know that, without action, they will continue to get worse.

And yIMG_5045ou have always fought for that action. At almost 75 years old, Bernie, you aren’t fighting that fight for you. You are fighting that fight for your children and grandchildren. Which means that you are also fighting that fight for MY children. And grandchildren. Thank you.

I wrote to you before, though even at my most ambitious, I don’t imagine you saw it (and, statistically speaking, you likely won’t see this one either). I asked you to let me vote for you. I stand by that request.

I also told you that there was one place I couldn’t follow you. I would literally follow you anywhere –Independent, Green, Libertarian, hell, even GOP, if that’s where you went – but I couldn’t follow you in support of Hillary Clinton, so don’t even ask me. I also stand by that.

I’m going to be bold and assume that my following sentiments are echoed by a lot of people. It seems to be the consensus among most of us, so I will take the liberty.d89f821be6d0f27190da5893a7e100b1

Bernie, you fought one hell of a fight. You took on the biggest political machine as a virtual unknown, overcame enormous poll deficits, drew crowds by the tens of thousands, and sparked the biggest political awakening that many of us have ever seen. If you want to home and spend some time with Jane, the kids and grandkids, and finally get rid of that headache, you god damn well deserve it.

Take a rest, Bernie. You earned it. We got it from here. You, and we, have caused quite a stir. Things are shifting. We are the people pushing the boulder up the hill while the DNC stood on top of it. And there you are right next to us. You helped us push, shoulder down, until the whole thing toppled over.

hqdefaultYou changed the lives of so many people, brought so many new, young, brilliant thinkers into the process. You made us do what we thought we couldn’t – you made us believe that we could be powerful if we all spoke up. You meant it, and we still believe it.

A great many of us wanted to speak up by electing you as the President of the United States. A great many of us were silenced and marginalized. A great many of us were told that our voice didn’t matter. But, we believe it does matter. We believe it because Bernie Sanders SHOWED US that it does.

And, as you taught me, I will use my voice. The only tool I have in this fight. And I reject Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. This entire “democratic” process has been anything but. And, frankly, I just don’t trust her.

I am sorry, Bernie. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do if you asked me to. And I will continue to support the other progressive candidates for office that you have asked me to.

But I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

I believe that she is much more dangerous to our country than even Donald Trump is. Everything that we are supposed to fear from Trump, we have actually seen from Hillary Clinton.

As many ways a person can list that Hillary is better than Trump, I can list off at least as many ways that Hillary is worse than Trump. But really I only need one.

CgDCJ2PUkAA_3dRI can’t tie any dead children to Donald Trump. It might not be outside the realm of possibility, but as far as I know, he isn’t responsible for any decisions that have led to the deaths of thousands of children.

Bernie, I agree, Donald Trump would be a disastrous president. I also think, and I feel like you probably would agree with me, Hillary Clinton would also be a disastrous president. And there is no lesser evil here.

If you really do not want Trump to be President of the United States, Bernie, I will again plead that you not give up. Continue your run for President. That is the only way to guarantee the outcome of November. Certainly other candidates may win, and if one becomes viable, I will most certainly vote for them. But your name on the ballot is a guaranteed win. Talk to Jill Stein. Hell, talk to Gary Johnson. Don’t talk to anybody. Just run.

As for Trump, I’ll get to him later, but…well, at least he actually won his nomination. He didn’t have to steal it. That already gives him major points over Hillary. And people might die under Trump, but bernie_chess_2they will die under Hillary.

Bernie, my friend, I have more admiration, love, and respect for you than you could ever imagine. You are a master chess player, and you played their game with precision and skill. You should be proud of yourself. I am. We all are. And we will never forget what you have done for us.

1-Qnvun05BbBMqNNyWN207ywI hope things are well with you. I hope that you and Jane are enjoying some Burlington air, maybe dozing in the patio chair as the grandkids run around the lawn. I hope you finally found some peace.

And thank you. Thank you so much.


Richard Waite

July 28, 2016



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