Ep 7 – “Copsplaining”; Obama’s Legacy; & Psuedonyms

Charlotte, NC Police Chief Kerr Putney is “copsplaining” the death of Keith Scott at the hands of his department. Obama calls for an end to proxy wars in his final address as sitting US President to the United Nations while actively giving support to two different nations that are in perpetual war. Obama vetoes a 9/11 Victim’s Families bill that made it through Congress with tremendously strong support. Reports have come out of the region that the US has been using White Phosphorus munitions in Iraq, possibly against international law. Under Hillary Clinton, the US State Department sold Chemical Weapons to Clinton Foundation donors. 81% of Americans oppose Obama’s recent $38 Billion pledge in aid to Israel. Former JFK staffer, RFK speechwriter, & lifelong Democrat has come out in support of Donald Trump as the more peaceful candidate. FBI reports have come out that Obama used a pseudonym when emailing Hillary Clinton, contradicting his claims last year that he had no knowledge of her private server and found out when everyone else did. A Police Officer’s Association bought a bicycle for a 19 year old after they found out he walks four hours every day just to get to and from work.


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