Ep 13 – WikiLeaks Surprise; Trump’s Taxes Backfire; LA Cops Kill Again

WikiLeaks highly anticipated press conference this morning was disappointing to many, but holds lots of possibilities. Julian Assange has called for the formation of a WikiLeaks Task Force, and has promised the release of much more information in the coming weeks. Donald Trump’s leaked 1995 tax return was expected to deal a lot of damage to his campaign, but it may have backfired. Turns out that the loophole he used in 1995 was the exact same loophole used by the Clintons just last year. Protests erupt in LA after Carnell Snell was shot and killed by police – though he was armed, he was running away when he was shot, which is illegal, and it was after a stop that also was illegal, meaning the situation never should have occurred. Anti-GMO Activists are looking into scientific studies that show that GMO foods are safe and harmless, but they are finding some troubling connections between GMO corporations and the scientists conducting the studies. Donald Trump’s VP pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has been shown to have reversed his position on gambling in the state after massive contributions from the industry made their way into his campaign funds. Despite tremendous evidence regarding climate change, including recent data from the Mauna Loa Observatory, US officials are still publicly skeptical. Tens of thousands of women in Poland, and even more worldwide, are in the streets protesting the country’s proposed ban on all abortions, except in cases of extreme medical emergency. Germany, a world leader in renewable energy, is taking steps toward banning fracking in the country.


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