Ep 14 – VP Debate; Clinton Foundation Hack; Russia Prepares for War

The Vice Presidential Debate was last night, and it was slightly less of a circus than the previous Presidential Debate, and also an interesting study in Role Reversal. Hacker Guccifer 2.0 releases documents allegedly from the ClintonFoundation database that shows some serious corruption in the Democratic party regarding TARP funds. Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing his country’s citizens for the possibility of nuclear war with drills in the more highly populated ares of the country. The Obama Administration, specifically the Department of Justice and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have moved for the dismissal of charges against a weapons dealer for brokering unapproved sales to Libyan rebels amid concerns that a trial would bring additional scrutiny to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Yahoo has helped US Intelligence agencies with mass surveillance by scanning millions of customer emails. FBI immunity deals regarding two top Clinton aides reportedly included side deals that obliged the bureau to destroy laptops, and therefore evidence. US officials have added 7 new species of bees to the Federal endangered species list. California repeals a restriction on counties to regulate or prohibit GMO crops from being cultivated within county lines.


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