Ep 16 – Obama’s Email Problems; US Bombs Iraqis; House Dems Obstruction

Newly released documents show that the Obama White House coordinated with the Clinton Presidential Campaign early in 2015 in order to suppress media coverage of the growing controversy surrounding the Secretary’s use of a private email server. Another “accidental” bombing by US-led coalitions forces has killed 20 Anti-ISIS fighters, this time in Iraq. House Democrats are seeking to limit committee chair power to subpoena evidence in congressional oversight investigations. Anti-Hillary is NOT Pro-Trump. The Huffington Post put out yet another hit piece on Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, this time in the form of “concerned former 3rd party voters” who happen to now work for the Democratic Party. As Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump on his perfectly legal tax returns, the Clinton Foundation takes in massive donations from people who evade taxes illegally. A new study by the Johns Hopkins University shows that Washington’s governing elites think we’re all morons. An entrepreneur with a heart is making a difference in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Buffalo, NY.


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