Ep 17 – Debate Review; The Trump Tapes; John Kerry Puffs Out His Chest

Last night was the second Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, and things got heated from the moment the candidates walked on stage. Is this really the future of our nation? More about the Podesta Files outside of the Pied Piper strategy – speech excerpts, influencing news coverage, John Podesta’s half-fake denial, and illegal coordination with trollmaster David Brock. An 11-year-old recording of Donald Trump saying some pretty nasty things, now being called “The Trump Tapes”, has had some pretty devastating effects on his campaign. Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for an investigation into Russia and Syria for supposed war crimes, completely ignoring the fact that the US is guilty of the exact same things. A Syrian man who entered Germany during the refugee crisis in the UK has been arrested on suspicion of jihadist terrorist activities after fellow Syrians subdued and restrained him before turning him in to authorities. Three police officers have been shot, two of them fatally, in a Palm Springs, CA standoff. A program that puts rescue dogs with inmates for training at a Washington State prison has great benefits, not just for the dogs but for the inmates, too.


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