Ep 25 – The Truth Episode – Electors, Hacking, and “Fake News”

The United States Electoral College has upheld the results of the November 8th Presidential Election, officially making Donald J. Trump the President-Elect. Democrats are still pushing the blame for their astounding loss onto everyone and everything but themselves – what’s the truth? While we’re talking about the truth, can we look at some other truths that have come out recently? About elections? And hacking? And who might be responsible for it? Hacking of state electoral systems has been confirmed, but the source of those hacks isn’t who you might think. Thousands of Palestinians, half of them children, have been forced out of their homes to make way for Israeli settlements in the past 10 years, considered to be human rights abuses that are in clear violation of international law. Robert Reich appeals to those who are resistant to a Trump presidency or who might be sliding into certain syndromes – we must fight, resist, demonstrate, and speak truth. A media organization celebrates a victory for independent media as a crowd funded news organization becomes the world’s first media co-operative, and in the process becoming a new model for journalism in the future.


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