Ep 26 – Obama To Punish Russia, and Our First Amendment Gets Destroyed

President Obama is apparently trying to make some waves in his last few weeks, reportedly being very close to announcing a series of measures to punish Russia’s alleged and still unproven interference in the US election. The Hill releases their list of the top 15 contenders for Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2020 – before the most recent election winner is even inaugurated. Obama signs the 2017 NDAA which includes a provision for setting up an Anti-“Anti-US-Propaganda”-Propaganda Agency to battle “Fake News” and foreign influence in the US. The Hill reports blatantly false information about Julian Assange (no big surprise there) but nothing will ever come of it because they are corporate approved media. The original Assange interview with La Republicca. Donald Trump and President Obama have at least one thing in common – they both believe that America needs a little less freedom, especially when it comes to sources of information. Citizen Science is on the rise globally, demonstrating that humanity has far more faith in science than certain government officials would like.


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