Ep 28 – Chicago Assault; Assange on Hannity; Trump’s Tweet Gets Berned

Four people in Chicago are facing criminal charges resulting from an apparently racially motivated kidnapping and beating of a disabled man that was broadcast on Facebook Live. Alt-Right trolls immediately, and falsely, pin the assault to the Black Lives Matter movement. Julian Assange sat down to talk with Sean Hannity face-to-face, assuaging fears of his incarceration or demise, and giving ironclad assurance that Russia provided WikiLeaks with absolutely nothing. After the interview aired, the Washington Post wasted no time denying their own collusion exposed by WikiLeaks. John McCain beats the War Drum some more with a Senate Hearing on Russia’s Cyber-Agression and Influence on the US Election – with still no evidence whatsoever. The Sun Sentinel, a South Florida publication owned by the Chicago-based Tribune Media, starts reporting some of the ridiculous claims in this hearing, AKA fake news. Bernie Sanders is pushing back against Trump and the Conservative agenda, speaking truth to power, without the Trump War Room put together by the DNC and staffed by the very people who just lost the most winnable election in history. FBI never examined the DNC servers, even though they were investigating claims that Russia hacked them. Despite the Fossil Fuel Friendly incoming US Executive Administration, the world is seeing a growing transition to clean, renewable energy on a global scale.


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