Ep 29 – ODNI Russia Hack Report; Sanders Town Hall; REINS Act

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a declassified report on the alleged Russian Hacking of US political systems, and it’s as weak as you would expect from a report with no evidence. The US Senate is set to introduce a bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Russia. Approval of Trump’s Cabinet nominations could depend on whether or not the new appointees believe in this Russian cyber attack propaganda. Bernie Sanders did a CNN Town Hall Monday night – complete with “Russia” rhetoric. The US, through NATO, is sending tanks and troops and heavy equipment to Russia’s borders, which has Germany concerned. Cornel West pens a scathing op-ed piece on the sad legacy of outgoing president Barack Obama. Congress passed the REINS act which seeks to limit the ability of key government agencies, like the EPA and the Dept of Education, to make and implement new rules and regulations. China will invest $361 Billion into renewable energy technology by 2020.


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