Ep 30 – Trump Inauguration; Women’s March; TPP Victory; Brock is Back

Millions worldwide join protest marches against Trump and fascism, but Americans framed it as marching for Women’s Rights, carrying “I’m With Her” signs and pictures of Hillary Clinton, who, as a supposed champion of women’s rights for her entire career, was nowhere to be found. Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day saw protests throughout Washington DC, but it was tamer than the media would have you believe. Presumed Attorney General Jeff Sessions is worrisome, but maybe not for the reasons everyone thinks. DNC Chair candidates all deny any wrongdoing by the DNC in tipping the scales in Hillary Clinton’s favor throughout the Democratic Primaries, despite clear evidence. They also decided that spending a weekend in Florida with Correct The Record Troll Army General David Brock and his merry band of Corporate Donors was a better idea as a way to reach out to progressives than to join in the Women’s March. Donald Trump backs out of the TPP, but then he promises to slash corporate regulations and taxes, reinstates a “global gag order” for abortion, and puts a hiring freeze on all Federal workers except Military. Kellyanne Conway uses creative phrasing when she calls blatant lies by the Trump administration’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer “Alternative Facts”, but more concerning is the type of blowback we are seeing for her phrase.


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