AMAV Revolution Radio #1 – What Does “Free Speech” Actually Mean?

New format for AMAV Podcasts. We are doing live broadcasts (recorded for audience members who can’t join us for live broadcasts). We will be looking at Tuesdays and Fridays for our live broadcasts, and you can find them on Mixlr, or the recordings here. We are going to move away from a “news” type podcast. We’ve always been focused on commentary, but with the insane amount of current events coming at such a ridiculous rate, we decided that rather than trying to keep up with each individual thing, we are going to look at the overall social and political environment. There will still be discussion on individual events, but with a broader focus on what we can do to affect positive change. There is a revolution coming, and it’s getting larger and faster every day. It’s time to choose which side you stand on – that of the Capitalists, or that of the people.


What's YOUR View?

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