AMAV Revolution Radio #5 – A Society Without Money? WTF?

Stormie Lantis’ debut as an “AMAV Live! Revolution Radio” contributor! Examining Jeff Sessions’ controversy regarding his contact with the Russian Ambassador during the 2016 Presidential Election – what matters, what doesn’t, and how the media coverage doesn’t help their case that they aren’t “Fake News”. Between Trump’s Twitter fetish and all the crazy stuff he and his administration have been pulling every day, the extremely important topic of Environmentalism hasn’t been getting the attention it needs to. Stormie is here to change that. Food waste and global hunger – 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is thrown out while 1/9 of the planet goes hungry. How can we shift away from this? For starters, we can stop production-for-profit and start engaging in production-for-use. But what about a society without money?


What's YOUR View?

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