AMAV Revolution Radio #6 – Know Who The Real Enemy Is

Wikileaks announced the first dump of their much-anticipated “Vault 7” file dump, and a press conference for 9:00AM EST on March 7, 2017, but the press conference had to be postponed due to Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange’s internet access being digitally attacked – not surprising considering the content of the file dump. Wikileaks still shared the pass key for the file dump, and people are scouring the documents right now. Discussion on this upcoming Friday’s episode of AMAV Live! Revolution Radio. Saturday, March 4, 2017, we visited a couple of the “March 4 Trump” events around Michigan – with some interesting results. Finding common ground with people who hold opposing political viewpoints isn’t as hard as you might think (except racists, just punch those people). Donald Trump isn’t really the real threat we face right now. Yeah, he’s awful, and everything is terrible, but there is a much more dangerous monster lurking under the bed that nobody is talking about. The Source Bulk Foods is a store in Australia that is changing the way people think about consumerism.


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