AMAV Revolution Radio #7 – Interview with a Socialist – Mimi Soltysik

Diving into WikiLeaks Vault 7 release from Tuesday – the CIA’s entire cyber-warfare arsenal has been exposed, and it not only can, but actually has been, used on US citizens. They can hack your phone, your computer, your TV, even your car. They can control everything and anything that is connected to the internet. Google, Microsoft, Apple – they have all been compromised by covert CIA agents in their technology development and coding departments. And, they can even make it look like someone else did it. These aren’t just “conspiracy theories” anymore, it’s proven. Also, we had an opportunity to speak with Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik, who was the 2016 Presidential Nominee for the Socialist Party of The United States of America (transcript). We took a look at our For-Profit Prison-Industrial Complex, including the ability to “Upgrade” your jail cell for a nominal fee.


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