AMAV Revolution Radio #9 – Prison Abolition; Trump’s Budget; Anarcho-Syndicalism

Looking at the Prison-Industrial complex and the problems created by Capitalist Incarceration-For-Profit. Recidivism rates, mandatory minimums, and stricter laws – all lobbied for by the Private Prison Industry. Prison Reform? Prison Abolition? For more on Prison Abolition, check out this podcast from RustBelt Abolition Radio, featuring University of Toledo Professor Liat Ben-Moshé. Trump’s Budget Proposal – looking at the EPA budget cuts, including the Great Lakes Initiative and the Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up projects. Energy corporations using “Eminent Domain” to grab land for pipelines – land owners desires don’t matter. All Capitalism is Crony Capitalism. Noam Chomsky – the benefits of Anarcho-Sydicalism. Forbes even warns about Capitalism, and suggests we look at collective ownership of the means of production – yes, even Forbes is talking about the benefits of Socialism and collectivism.


What's YOUR View?

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