AMAV Revolution Radio #10 – Comey & The Spineless Democrats VS The Russians

Examining the contents of the Congressional Hearing on Russian Interference in the 2016 US Election. Testimony from FBI Director James Comey as well as statements from Comey and Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff. What was said? Not a lot. There was a whole lot of “I can’t comment on that right now” from Comey. What wasn’t said? That can be just as important. Did Comey drop any bombshells? Not. Even. Close. Why the media frenzy over it, then? That’s a great question. I imagine it’s distraction. What are they distracting us from? Probably the spineless Senate Democrats letting the GOP steamroll them in the approval of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

FBI Director James Comey opening statement

Rep. Schiff opening statement

Full Hearing


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