AMAV Revolution Radio #11 – Capitalism, Nationalism, & Fascism Will Kill Us All

Let’s not toy around any longer with the idea that either major US Political Party gives a damn about any one of us. They don’t. Likewise, let’s not toy around any longer that the path we’re on is sustainable. It isn’t. While rich, old (mostly) white men wearing $4000 suits sit in leather chairs and debate things that hold the lives of poor people in the balance, like it’s a question or something, people are actually dying. We are told to “work hard and you, too, can achieve The American Dream”, we can’t even fulfill our basic physiological needs. And it’s not for lack of trying. Nationalism is taking over – even the so-called “Left” is falling victim to it. We have these delusions that the dirt these imaginary lines is somehow better than the dirt in those imaginary lines over there, and the people born on this dirt are somehow better than the people born on that other dirt. A very few rich people control what happens inside those imaginary lines, and they’ve convinced us that we should be grateful to live inside of those imaginary lines that they’ve magnanimously allowed us to exist in, so much so that they’ll start wars to defend those lines and the resources within them (or to take control of resources within other imaginary lines), and they’ve tricked the people who live there that it is their duty to go and fight and die in defense of those imaginary lines, because apparently “Freedom” = Death.


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