AMAV Revolution Radio #13 – The Sanders-Perez “Unity” Tour; AntiFa in Berkeley

The DNC still has Bernie out there sheep dogging, and they are still begging him for his donor email list. When are they going to learn that the left doesn’t care about “Cult of Personality”, we care about policy? As much respect and admiration as I have for Bernie, just because he says something doesn’t mean I automatically agree with him. When he is still the leader of progressives, and is still fighting every day for progressive causes, this “Unity Tour” act is a cruel, extremely unfunny joke. Trump “protests” don’t mean a damn thing – not to Trump, and not to anybody else. They are just a way to show how “woke” one might be. After promising to release his tax returns and then saying that he’ll never release them, did a few hundred people marching expect to change that? But those same people will admonish the people who are actually out in the streets fighting back against the fascist repression that we are all facing. Like in Berkeley – a Nazi scum White Nationalist Nathan Domigo sucker punches an AntiFa warrior (who happens to be female, but that has no bearing on this), and people are saying it’s her fault for being there. When did allowing fascist activity become “politically correct”?

It’s Going Down interview with Louise Rosealma

The Establishment article on Ethical Nazi-Punching


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