AMAV Revolution Radio #14 – The 1st Amendment Goes Bye-Bye; Mélenchon is France’s Bernie… Kinda

This new “rough and tough” administration is really shaking things up. Really taking a new path here by continuing the exact same policy of the previous administration in the demonization of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. When our own government consistently attacks those who shine a light on the truth, what does that tell you about our government? CIA Director Mike Pompeo attacked WikiLeaks last week, calling them a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”. But strangely, this is a complete 180 for him – on July 24, 2016, when he was just a lowly member of the House of Representatives, Pompeo tweeted that anybody who needed further proof that the “fix was in from President Obama on down” need only to look at the 19,252 emails from the DNC that WikiLeaks had just published. The real problem here is the fact that if these proposed charges from the DOJ are filed, this is going to shred the First Amendment. The Freedom of the Press is going fucking Bye-Bye, and NeoLiberals like Keith Olbermann are ecstatic about it simply because they’re mad that their Queen lost to the Orange Mussolini – but their support of any effort to get to Assange out of spite because of their disappointment is a big fucking mistake. Some green technology is having some very positive benefits for the people of Bangladesh, and in some weird way of looking out for their people, unlike the US government, which is run by people who take a shitload of money from giant oil companies and do nothing but their donor’s bidding, the government of Bangladesh is seeing these positive effects and actually encouraging expansion. Why is Le Pen an issue when the National Front has only had one politician ever make it to the second round? Because she’s a nationalist, a xenophobe, and a fascist in the making. Oh, and she’s in the lead, and even though French media pundits are saying that it’s unlikely that she will win the second round, the media said the same thing here about Trump in both the primaries AND the general, so you tell me what that means. But there is one guy – and in a perfect world this is the guy who would win – his name is Jean-Luc Melenchon, and he’s with Unbowed France, and the slogan of that party is “The Force of the People”.


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