AMAV Revolution Radio #15 – Trump & North Korea; Science March; French Fascism

Trump got some big boy attention by dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan. Now he wants to heighten tensions with North Korea, and he’s gathering all the grownups to the White House so he can show off his new fingerpainting. Science lovers and science practitioners gathered to show support for the real world, and to tell the government that basing opinion on opposition data that magically turns 99% of the rest of the data “inconclusive” is no way to run a country. Bill Nye was there, and he’s still as cool as he was when I was a kid. France lost their shot at a real populist leader in Melanchon – Le Pen’s brand of “populism” doesn’t include some people, which means it’s actually fascism. And she’s running against a Centrist Establishment Status Quo candidate with zero political experience – I hope I’m wrong, but I think we already know how this is going to turn out.


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