AMAV Revolution Radio #16 – Attacking The Establishment From All Sides

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may finally get her comeuppance, and it’s long past due. She has swindled people who thought they were voting for a Democrat with her warmongering ways and her love for all things Capitalism for far too long. With her doubling down on her opposition to single-payer health care and her endorsement of bombing people on flimsy (or no) evidence has hopefully finally clued people into her closeted Republican status. Stephen Jaffe sees it, and he’s gunning for her seat. House Science, Space, and Technology Chair Republican Lamar Smith is also getting challenged, something that has never really been an issue for him in the past. As a Climate Change denying, Big Oil-funded Texan, he’s always been able to defeat his challengers with huge margins, never getting below 60% of the vote. But changing winds across Texas and the rest of the country could be the final straw in Smith’s career as Derrick Crowe intends to shine a light on Smith’s corruption and irresponsibility in his duties to his district. Ann Coulter got shut down at Berkeley, but nobody really gives a shit about that. They are only acting like they do so they can whine about “muh Free Speech!!!” The ACLU came out in defense of her right to speak, but they missed the mark. This isn’t government censorship, this is wholesale public rejection of ignorant assholes spewing ignorant bullshit.

Pelosi Town Hall clip (Trevor Hill segment around 15:00)

AMAV on ACLU and Ann Coulter


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