AMAV Revolution Radio #17 – Yeah, Liberals, I’m Talking To You

Well, I wrote an opinion piece about NeoLiberal garbage, and the reactions were… mixed. So, I went into a little more detail today. Felt it was necessary. I also talked about Flint, MI – yeah, that whole shit show is still going on, only now around 8,000 residents are facing the prospect of losing their homes because they don’t want to pay for the privilege of having poison pumped directly into their homes. Go figure. And of course, that was all caused by more NeoLiberal Centrist Corporatist garbage (keep in mind that NeoLibs and NeoCons are the same thing, just with different letters next to their names). And we talked a little bit about the most recent authoritarian power-grab by our favorite protofascist, Cheeto Mussolini, and his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, or TuneIn Radio, and leave us a review. Get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, or directly through email. Links are found in the usual spots on this website.

My opinion article on garbage Liberalism. info on Insurance Industry political donations.


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