AMAV Revolution Radio #17 – Yeah, Liberals, I’m Talking To You

Well, I wrote an opinion piece about NeoLiberal garbage, and the reactions were… mixed. So, I went into a little more detail today. Felt it was necessary. I also talked about Flint, MI – yeah, that whole shit show is still going on, only now around 8,000 residents are facing the prospect of losing their homes because they don’t want to pay for the privilege of having poison pumped directly into their homes. Go figure. And of course, that was all caused by more NeoLiberal Centrist Corporatist garbage (keep in mind that NeoLibs and NeoCons are the same thing, just with different letters next to their names). And we talked a little bit about the most recent authoritarian power-grab by our favorite protofascist, Cheeto Mussolini, and his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, or TuneIn Radio, and leave us a review. Get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, or directly through email. Links are found in the usual spots on this website.

My opinion article on garbage Liberalism. info on Insurance Industry political donations.

The Left Needs To Stop Fighting Itself

Splintered under the righteousness of our own views is “Divide & Conquer” 101

This isn’t another “Left Unity NOW!” post, I promise you. I don’t want all of us to coalesce behind some candidate who makes us feel good because s/he looks good and sounds good. I’m not saying that we should put aside our differences to defeat the Big, Bad Trump or the Scary GOP. I’m saying that we should embrace our differences, and find the common ground we have within those differences, because we need to find an actual direction. Every issue is important, but we can’t make any issue important until we realize that no single issue is more important than another. They ALL deserve attention, and we can fight for ALL of these issues at the same time. Continue reading “The Left Needs To Stop Fighting Itself”

Relax. Trump’s “Loyalty Day” Isn’t Some New Neo-Fascist Demand For Allegiance

It’s a very OLD fascist demand for allegiance.

Yeah, I did it too. I saw an article (Trigger Warning: that’s a Fox News link) being passed around about Trump declaring May 1st to be “Loyalty Day”, and my fascist radar started going off. I couldn’t believe it – the Cheeto Mussolini wants me to drop a knee and swear my fealty… on MAY DAY?!?!? Of all the days, he picked May Day? Unbelievable.

This has to be planned, I thought. Bannon. Or maybe Miller. Trump didn’t come up with this, he’s busy watching YouTube tutorials on shoe-tying every morning.
Continue reading “Relax. Trump’s “Loyalty Day” Isn’t Some New Neo-Fascist Demand For Allegiance”

AMAV Revolution Radio #16 – Attacking The Establishment From All Sides

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may finally get her comeuppance, and it’s long past due. She has swindled people who thought they were voting for a Democrat with her warmongering ways and her love for all things Capitalism for far too long. With her doubling down on her opposition to single-payer health care and her endorsement of bombing people on flimsy (or no) evidence has hopefully finally clued people into her closeted Republican status. Stephen Jaffe sees it, and he’s gunning for her seat. House Science, Space, and Technology Chair Republican Lamar Smith is also getting challenged, something that has never really been an issue for him in the past. As a Climate Change denying, Big Oil-funded Texan, he’s always been able to defeat his challengers with huge margins, never getting below 60% of the vote. But changing winds across Texas and the rest of the country could be the final straw in Smith’s career as Derrick Crowe intends to shine a light on Smith’s corruption and irresponsibility in his duties to his district. Ann Coulter got shut down at Berkeley, but nobody really gives a shit about that. They are only acting like they do so they can whine about “muh Free Speech!!!” The ACLU came out in defense of her right to speak, but they missed the mark. This isn’t government censorship, this is wholesale public rejection of ignorant assholes spewing ignorant bullshit.

Pelosi Town Hall clip (Trevor Hill segment around 15:00)

AMAV on ACLU and Ann Coulter

The ACLU Got This One Wrong

Hate Speech is not just a “disagreeable position”

This isn’t the first time that the ACLU has defended speech that is offensive to rational thinkers. It’s rather amusing to see people going full bore on an organization that they held in such high esteem just a few short weeks ago, when they (apparently) mistakenly believed that the American Civil Liberties Union was just another “Trump Resistance” group. It seems that people have no problem supporting the ACLU when it is attacking unconstitutional executive orders by a racist xenophobe, but that support diminishes significantly when the same idea of defending constitutional rights is applied to people that Democrats don’t like. Go figure. Continue reading “The ACLU Got This One Wrong”

AMAV Revolution Radio #15 – Trump & North Korea; Science March; French Fascism

Trump got some big boy attention by dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan. Now he wants to heighten tensions with North Korea, and he’s gathering all the grownups to the White House so he can show off his new fingerpainting. Science lovers and science practitioners gathered to show support for the real world, and to tell the government that basing opinion on opposition data that magically turns 99% of the rest of the data “inconclusive” is no way to run a country. Bill Nye was there, and he’s still as cool as he was when I was a kid. France lost their shot at a real populist leader in Melanchon – Le Pen’s brand of “populism” doesn’t include some people, which means it’s actually fascism. And she’s running against a Centrist Establishment Status Quo candidate with zero political experience – I hope I’m wrong, but I think we already know how this is going to turn out.

AMAV Revolution Radio #14 – The 1st Amendment Goes Bye-Bye; Mélenchon is France’s Bernie… Kinda

This new “rough and tough” administration is really shaking things up. Really taking a new path here by continuing the exact same policy of the previous administration in the demonization of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. When our own government consistently attacks those who shine a light on the truth, what does that tell you about our government? CIA Director Mike Pompeo attacked WikiLeaks last week, calling them a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”. But strangely, this is a complete 180 for him – on July 24, 2016, when he was just a lowly member of the House of Representatives, Pompeo tweeted that anybody who needed further proof that the “fix was in from President Obama on down” need only to look at the 19,252 emails from the DNC that WikiLeaks had just published. The real problem here is the fact that if these proposed charges from the DOJ are filed, this is going to shred the First Amendment. The Freedom of the Press is going fucking Bye-Bye, and NeoLiberals like Keith Olbermann are ecstatic about it simply because they’re mad that their Queen lost to the Orange Mussolini – but their support of any effort to get to Assange out of spite because of their disappointment is a big fucking mistake. Some green technology is having some very positive benefits for the people of Bangladesh, and in some weird way of looking out for their people, unlike the US government, which is run by people who take a shitload of money from giant oil companies and do nothing but their donor’s bidding, the government of Bangladesh is seeing these positive effects and actually encouraging expansion. Why is Le Pen an issue when the National Front has only had one politician ever make it to the second round? Because she’s a nationalist, a xenophobe, and a fascist in the making. Oh, and she’s in the lead, and even though French media pundits are saying that it’s unlikely that she will win the second round, the media said the same thing here about Trump in both the primaries AND the general, so you tell me what that means. But there is one guy – and in a perfect world this is the guy who would win – his name is Jean-Luc Melenchon, and he’s with Unbowed France, and the slogan of that party is “The Force of the People”.

AMAV Revolution Radio #13 – The Sanders-Perez “Unity” Tour; AntiFa in Berkeley

The DNC still has Bernie out there sheep dogging, and they are still begging him for his donor email list. When are they going to learn that the left doesn’t care about “Cult of Personality”, we care about policy? As much respect and admiration as I have for Bernie, just because he says something doesn’t mean I automatically agree with him. When he is still the leader of progressives, and is still fighting every day for progressive causes, this “Unity Tour” act is a cruel, extremely unfunny joke. Trump “protests” don’t mean a damn thing – not to Trump, and not to anybody else. They are just a way to show how “woke” one might be. After promising to release his tax returns and then saying that he’ll never release them, did a few hundred people marching expect to change that? But those same people will admonish the people who are actually out in the streets fighting back against the fascist repression that we are all facing. Like in Berkeley – a Nazi scum White Nationalist Nathan Domigo sucker punches an AntiFa warrior (who happens to be female, but that has no bearing on this), and people are saying it’s her fault for being there. When did allowing fascist activity become “politically correct”?

It’s Going Down interview with Louise Rosealma

The Establishment article on Ethical Nazi-Punching

AMAV Revolution Radio #12 – Whoopee! We’re All Gonna Die!

We talk about Syria, about the MOAB in Afghanistan, and about North Korea. We talk about why these things are happening, and of course the reasons aren’t what the media is telling us they are – but if you are reading this, that’s likely no big surprise to you. We talk about our options, or the few we have left, anyway.

So, we said that we were going to step away from podcasting for a bit, and that we wanted to reevaluate what it was that we wanted to accomplish. We were going to take a look at our identity, and we weren’t sure if the AMAV name was going to continue to be appropriate for what we want to do. We still believe that, and we are still working in that direction. However, there were a few things I wanted to talk about, and I had to get them off of my chest. So, here is another episode of AMAV Revolution Radio.

I realized that I really enjoy producing podcasts, and I may still do AMAV podcasts once in a while, even after we figure out what our new online identity will be. So, thanks for listening, and keep a look out for more from AMAV.

How to Protest “Correctly”

You’re angry. You want to let the world know just how angry you are. You made the perfect sign – bright neon green with dark black Sharpie slashing your best, most clever rhyme with “resist”, and you can see it from a mile away. You took the day off of work, and you’re going down to the city center with a group of like-minded individuals to make sure your discontent is heard. But do you really know what you are getting yourself into?

You’ve seen some of the (too few) news reports. Cops and protesters clashing, pepper spray and batons flying, sometimes even water cannons. You don’t want any part of that. You just want to exercise your right guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to speak your “peace” (misspelling intended). Continue reading “How to Protest “Correctly””